Marketing Your Website

Marketing your website and bringing more customers is a powerful tool. Whether it though Facebook ads, Facebook Pixel Click funnels, Email marketing or SEO(search engine optimization). All of which are powerful tool. it can be overwhelming to try to learn all of these marketing techniques when trying to build a website on your own. All the while worth it. Follow me to find out more. Each week I'll post about each subject

Click Funnels

Click Funnels, also sometimes referred to as landing pages. Are not as much in the web design field as they are the marketing but still require some web design knowledge. Click Funnels are a basic one page site that ask the viewer for certain information such as their email. Then the viewer gets something in return. Such as a quote for a new roof. The company using the Click Funnel now has the viewers email address or any information requested so they can now marketing better. When doing social media marketing or email marketing this can be quite important. If a person goes to the length of giving you there email you already know the viewer is interested in your product. Many Facebook ads lead to a Click Funnels. The’re are many marketers who know more about this feel free to ask if you want to know more.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is great. By adding a sign up form to your website you can begin to gather people’s emails. The tricky part is getting people to sign up. You might try offering a coupon if your working with a E-commerce store. If your working with any other site you might try offering something a little different. Use some creativity if you have to. When you have peoples emails you can create re-targeting campaign or let people know when you have new products or projects coming out. It might take a little work to set up and run but it is worth it in the end. That is of course if you want more money in the bank.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is not as important these days but if you do something like realestate or something that has a lot of competition it can be very important. You know how when you go to Google or Bing and look up “food near by” and you find local restaurants or fast food chains, well this is due to SEO. Also they have set up their Google my business account. Try it, look up a business on Google if you are able to find their website they have set up an SEO So being found on the search engines is great tool for your business to have. SEO makes this easy. If you really want more traffic to your website I would recommend “Paid Traffic” tough marketing. Most modern website building technology has SEO built in. All though you may have to download a plugin, such as with Wordpress.


Facebook Pixal

This is the first marketing tool I’m going to talk about. Social media has become an extremely powerful tool for your business. So a Facebook Pixel is coding that you get from Facebook ads manager. So let say you are running Facebook ads and you want more people to see the ad. Well if anyone has visited your website you already know they have some interest in your business. Well by adding this code into the header of your website, your website takes that person’s Facebook ID. Then it show them your ad on their Facebook feeds. Another way this is useful is lets say you sell gun holsters and someone comes to you site and buys one. Well think about it, what could you sell with a gun holster? Well a spare magazine holster for example. So now you have the potential to make another sale by doing this. Its that simple. I am a strong advocate that a website is still one of the most powerful marketing tool a website can have. Stay tuned I will talk about some other website marketing tools at a future date.