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A car wash out of Florida. Simple yet beautiful design. 

Reggie Orelus
Jax Pro Detailing LLC
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I started my website, got too busy, couldn’t finish it up. I called Alex, it was one of the best decision I’ve made. Great customer services. Thanks Alex!

This site is for a company making high quality copper stills out of Washington state. We Designed, Manage and Market for this company. We have helped them set up a drip campaign and highly improve their social media status. 

Kari Demmon
Columbia Copper Works
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Alex did a great job with social media marketing for us. He was prompt to reply to any questions our customers had. He was always available to us when we had questions or requests. He also did a wonderful job on our website, coming up with innovative ideas to help us reach and inform our customers. Alex is responsible, diligent and pleasant to work with.

This site is for a catering company that sell BBQ out of Griffan GA. A simple & elegant landing page.

Wes Phillips
Burnt Bermuda BBQ
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A fantastic experience. I knew enough to be dangerous..... but Alex was able to explain and direct me in expanding on what he designed for us. Well worth it. As we grow I know he will be there to help along the way.

Empire pools is a custom pool business. This site has the feel of a landing page but has separate pages for certain things like their full gallery and more information on the services they provide. We designed and Manage this website. 

This site is for a roofing company out of McDonough, GA. We Designed, manage and market for this company. This is another example of a simple & elegant landing page.

This is an E-commerce site. The owner of this company is selling homemade custom bracelets and jewelry, made from recycled skateboard. Ww Designed and Manage this website, and Markets for this company. 

A non-profit company helping first responders with PTSD and Suicide prevention, through training. Wasson Web Design: Designed and Manages this website, and Markets for this company. 

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